NetTrekker d.i.

Each building has a student login and password. If you need to know your students login and password email Kevin Willson or Aly Tapp.

NetTrekker d.i. is the award-winning search engine for schools with standards-based online resources that assist teaches and school librarians as they differentiate their instruction to help every child achieve.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has purchased netTrekker d.i. for the staff, students and parents of Pennsylvania to use. Here are just a few reasons why netTrekker d.i. was chosen:

  • Makes searching the Intenet safe for students: All netTrekker d.i. websites and images have been selected and evaluated by educators so students receive only safe, relevant results and school-friendly images every time they use the Internet
  • Searching is fast and easy: netTrekker d.i. contains over 180,000 educator-selected online resources that are organized around the K-12 curricula and by grade level so searching is logical and easy
  • Designed for different learning styles: netTrekker d.i. provides resources that work for all members of our school community including general-education, ESL/ELL, and gifted students, students working below or above grade level, having reading challenges, special needs and more.