Getting started with moodle:
  1. You can either manually add your students, or you can set an enrollment key.
  2. Manual add: Go to "Admin" box, "assign roles," select "students" and then highlight the names you want to add in the box on the right and click the little arrow to bring them over to the box on the left. This is tedious for whole classes, but works well when you are managing one or two students (move-ins, withdraws, etc.).
  3. Enrollment Key: Go to "admin" box, select "settings," scroll down to "Availability" and set the enrollment key. When the kids try to log onto your moodle, they will be prompted to enter this key to enroll.

Remember, at YS, the kids' usernames are preceded by "ys-"

How do I embed my Google calendar into my moodle so it will show updates?
  1. In Google calendars select manage calendars.
  2. Select the calendar you want to share.
  3. Click the share this calendar tab.
  4. Click to make the calendar public. You must do this or your calendar will not show events when it is put into your moodle.
  5. Click save at the bottom of the page.
  6. Click the calendar details tab.
  7. Scroll down to calendar address
  8. click the blue html button
  9. A gray text box will show up and give you a url to view the calendar from any web browser. Ignore this url and click the hyper link configuration tool.
  10. A new page will open. Copy the html on this page in the upper right as directed.
  11. Go to your moodle page and under add a resource select compose a web page.
  12. In the compose a web page box select the embed tool <> from the toolbar.
  13. Now paste the html you had copied.
  14. Click save. Your Calendar will now be embedded in the web page and updates you make at google on your calendar will show up on your moodle.

From Dan Beal -- modified for your use -- a few helpful items for teachers using Moodle. Feel free to share with your students: