Delicious is a web-based, social bookmarking site.

Delicious is a Social Bookmarking tool. What does that mean?

When you bookmark a web page using Delicious, you have the opportunity to share it instantly with others in your Delicious network.

You can even share bookmarks with your students quickly and easily this way!

Why should a teacher use it?

Delicious puts all your bookmarks where you can access them from any machine -- on the Web!

Delicious makes it possible for you to harness the power of US. You can share bookmarks, view others' bookmarks, and generally increase your access -- and your students' access -- to terrific gems of the Web.

Want to get started?

See Aly or Kevin today!

PS: Delicious is not the only act in town. You might prefer Diigo, another social bookmarking site. It can do EVEN MORE!**

Common Craft video on using Social Bookmarking: