What is a blog?
Think of a blog as a personal online journal (but not the kind about how you're feeling or your opinion about Sarah Palin...)

How do they work for teachers?
The teacher poses questions/assignments as a blog entry. The students "comment" after the teacher's entry.

Does everyone see everyone else's comments?
Depends on the blog platform you use. There are many. I can connect you to the one that suits your needs.

Why would anyone do this?
Lots of reasons!!!

*Blogging helps kids engage in metacognitive thinking
*Blogging gives quiet kids a voice
*Blogging gives you an online presence that parents can access
*Blogging builds class community
*Blogging reveals confusion in your students that you might not know about
*Blogging intrigues reluctant learners
*Blogging mimics what kids do in their "other" lives
*Blogging gives us an opportunity to talk about making responsible choices online (they're going there with or without us...)
*Blogging prepares kids for expectations at the college level
*Blogging encourages reading, writing, and THINKING!

So what do you do if you don't have a computer lab in your room?
That's OK. You can update your blog anytime you want. Give the kids a window of time for reading/responding. Make sure they have enough time to get to a school computer before the assignment is due. Assign it as homework. Trust me -- they'll get it done.

Do you have any examples?

Where can I get started with blogging?
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